If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important to find professional help through an experienced addiction recovery center. As challenging as your current situation may seem, help is not only available, it’s abundant.

At our drug rehab center in Weatherford, Texas, clients are provided a comprehensive recovery program to help them not only overcome their addiction, but to understand the underlying issues that led to their addiction. The recovery process begins with a detailed intake assessment to understand each individual client’s specific needs. As part of intake, our drug rehab facility will ask questions and require diagnostic tests to best determine how the program can tailor its treatment plans to the client’s specific needs and circumstances. In order to ascertain the severity of the client’s addiction, he or she will be asked questions about their personal drug use history as well as family history of addiction.

During their time in our Weatherford substance abuse treatment facility, clients benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment. In many cases, clients have underlying mental health issues that contribute to their addiction. Failure to identify and treat all underlying mental issues can make recovery much more difficult to achieve.

Our experience drug rehab facility in Weatherford cultivates a stable community that allows clients to assist one another within their extended support groups. The safe and comfortable environment within the rehab facility facilitates the ability to speak honestly about the issues that led to addiction. Once clients are able to understand the factors that led to their addiction, it will be much easier to develop an understanding of potential triggers that result in relapse in the future. This is critical for sustained addiction recovery.

Our Weatherford addiction recovery facility provides individualized treatment plans catered to each client’s specific needs. This is also vital to ensuring the greatest chances of recovery. Each client is unique and has different needs. The development of a customized treatment plan ensures clients receive a specialized approach to treatment. The effective treatment of drug and/or alcohol addiction should address every area of the client’s life holistically, not just the withdrawal symptoms.

While attending our Weatherford addiction treatment center, clients make their way through a multi-step rehabilitation process. Successful addiction rehab typically involves several steps, including detoxification, behavioral counseling, evaluation, treatment for mental health, and long-term follow-up to help prevent relapse.

Behavioral therapy is often one of the most important aspects of treatment in addiction recovery program. Such therapies are designed to help clients modify their behaviors and attitudes as they relate to alcohol and/or drugs while increasing their healthy life skills. Such therapy may involve individual and/or family therapy approaches. Clients may benefit from receiving treatment using various approaches in differing settings. Cognitive-behavioral therapy assists clients in avoiding triggers and coping with situations in which they may be more likely to use alcohol or drugs.

Dual diagnosis mental health treatment is yet perhaps the most important element of addiction recovery. This type of treatment involves the diagnosis of such conditions as anxiety and depression, which may make a client more susceptible to drug addiction and subsequent. Mental health conditions are frequently associated with drug abuse and addiction. Before we can treat your addiction, we must your overall mental health needs.

In our Weatherford drug detox clinic, clients receive the supervised treatment necessary to get weaned off the physical dependence on drugs. Clients benefit from around-the-clock care in a safe and supportive environment.

A variety of follow-up options are available through our addiction treatment facility in Weatherford. These options may include family-based and community-based support systems.

While recovering from drug addiction is challenging, it is important to know that help is available and it is possible for you or your loved one to look forward to a brighter future free of drug addiction. Contact our drug rehab center in Weatherford today to find out more about treatment options.


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