Drug Detoxification and Withdrawal Programs

Drug detoxification is the first step in a full rehabilitation program that provides the tools that required for recovery. Rehabilitation at a drug detox clinic helps prevent unpleasant consequences, which may result from sudden withdrawal of the drug. The chief aim of any addiction recovery program is to provide psychological healing for long-term sobriety. The healing is first provided at our substance abuse treatment facility in Camas, Washington through stabilization that follows detoxification.

Eradicating the physical dependence, the focus of treatment on monitoring the process that eliminates drugs from the body, managing unpleasant withdrawal is also included in the process. It should be noted that detox treatment provided our Camas addiction recovery facility does not comprise the entire treatment for drug addiction, irrespective of the drug used. Because addiction is both physical and psychological, clients benefit from psycho-therapeutic treatment. The treatment available at drug rehab centers addresses cravings as well as the changes that occur in the brain after abusing the substances for an extended period.

Detox alone can assist a client in stopping drug and alcohol abuse in the short term. When follow-up care and treatments are not provided, the risks of relapse are greatly increased. The initial stage of detoxification at our Camas addiction treatment facility can be demanding for clients. Psychiatric staff and counselors make sure that they are available to provide much-needed support. For example, within hours after the last dose of heroin, clients experience sweating, anxiety, fatigue, agitation, muscle aches, runny nose, watering of the eyes, and insomnia. It is important for clients to get psychiatric care while undergoing detoxification.

Some issues can arise in clients first few hours of drug detoxification:

  1. Violence

    Numerous drugs are known to increase the rate of violence on clients. Fierce anger is often a result of ceasing to use. We are always prepared for the unexpected, though most people are transformed by the tranquil environment of our Camas drug rehab.

  2. Symptoms of psychosis

    Psychosis is a dangerous complication that is brought about by the consumption of drugs such as cocaine. An individual who is used to the use of excessive amounts of cocaine can become paranoid and may even acquiesce to full-blown psychosis. Symptoms of psychosis include auditory and visual hallucinations and delusional thoughts. Psychosis can also result from the co-occurring mental disorder and lack of sleep due to the excessive use of stimulants.

  3. Injury

    In some instances, clients can hurt themselves while under the influence of addictive substances before they get assistance from an addiction recovery center. Some of these drugs make an individual have the feeling of invulnerability and increased strength. Such feelings can make a person place himself in harm’s way due to the impression that they won’t get hurt. Clients are also at an increased risk of committing suicide, so they need to be supervised carefully.

These are among the reasons why supervised detox is a necessary and vital attribute of a reputable addiction recovery center. With individual therapy, clients have the opportunity to overcome the root of their problems with adequate treatment. Group therapy helps each client get problems off their chest and receive crucial advice for long-term sobriety.

After, like your customized treatment plan, is carefully constructed to ensure that you have all the support and guidance necessary when you go to leave. Don’t be afraid, you will have all the care you need. Don’t wait any longer, call us today.


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