Those struggling with a drug addiction feel lost and hopeless. But, there is no reason to feel without hope, advanced addiction treatment is available at Valley House Rehabilitation Center in Federal Way, Washington. Our expert addiction professionals utilize a variety of techniques implemented with care and compassion. Addiction is a chronic disease, not a moral failing. If we elevate addiction treatment, recovery will be as simple as a long-term process with a carefully crafted regimen. We are already using this level of treatment at our drug rehab center in Federal Way.

Before you do anything, you must admit to yourself you have a problem you can’t control. And that’s okay. Admitting your condition is out of your hands is a crucial step in illuminating and treating your illness. After you have eradicated denial, you can move on to detoxification at our Federal Way drug rehab facility. Carefully supervised by our compassionate addiction professionals at our drug detox clinic in Federal Way, you will be able to get through withdrawal in as little pain as possible. With the proper guidance and supervision, ridding your body of the physical dependence on drugs will be safe and comfortable.

After your body detoxes, you will then move on to long-term therapy. First, individual sessions will be introduced. Here, you will work through the root of your problems with a personal counselor. By creating a personalized recovery plan, you will get down to the core issues of the addiction and be treated for the necessary ailments. Dual diagnosis mental health will be introduced during one-on-one sessions as well. Nearly half of all people with addictions also have an underlying mental issue. Only after identifying and addressing whatever is lurking beneath the surface, coercing you to use drugs, can you move on to accurately and effectively treating your addiction.

Then, group therapy will be introduced into your regimen. During sessions with your fellow clients, you can share your struggles, hear others, and exchange valuable advice. The community that is cultivated here will produce significant bonds that may last long after you have left the Federal Way rehab center. We pride ourselves on our inclusion, our support, our love, our guidance, and our respect. You can finally find the care from nonjudgmental people that understand your plight. During group sessions, you will be showed that you are not alone, and that you have a legion of support behind you, ready to help when you need it most.

After a routine of working therapy programs and counseling, you will need to be set up with the proper resources and guidance. When you go to leave our Federal Way substance abuse facility, you will have a carefully crafted aftercare plan that will address your unique needs and situation. Just like your personalized addiction treatment plan created during therapy, aftercare will be carefully crafted and designed around you. Group meetings, therapy, and an individual sponsor will be there for you when you’re down and show you how to avoid triggers and cravings. We don’t leave our clients high and dry, you’ll always have the support and love you need to succeed.

There isn’t time to waste. Your life has been controlled by substances for much too long now. The ability to change your life is right in front of you. Come see what it feels like to have someone really care about you, come see what it feels like to have real support. Call Valley House Rehab today to set up a consultation at our Federal Way addiction recovery center. Your life is in your hands. Change it forever, you won’t regret it.


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